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Manufacturers face significant challenges to meet the end-customer demands to remain competitive. These challenges vary from new product design to introducing it, minimal production cost to managing the supply chain.

Now that every company is trying to automate the relationship between suppliers and customers it becomes essential to go a step beyond to compete. This requires manufacturers to create virtual and real value chains by enhancing collaborative business process and continuous replenishment with distributors and retailers.

ACS unveils the success behind the leading manufacturers and their marriage to IT. ACS recognizes that successful companies realize that IT plays a leading role in customer relationship and supply chain management. ACS can help you accelerate your business, and then implement the solutions that enable you to manage your relationship with your suppliers, clients and employees by using a quality-driven project management framework.

ACS offers a wide range of expertise and unique services to manufacturers and logistics. ACS provides consulting, systems integration, maintenance project services including:

Collaborative CRM and supply chain management (SCM) to connect demand with supply.

The ERP Relationship services to help provide a single view of the business by integrating CRM+SCM+Financials

Data warehousing and Business intelligence to know what your customers will buy next summer.

Enterprise integration services to interconnect disparate systems across the enterprise;

Applications development and maintenance services to improve product quality and customer support.

If you are looking to increase your own IT agility, then let us help you; learn what you can do to improve your corporate agility.
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