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The marriage of IT and medical research is going an upthrust in the discovery of new medicine. And there is no doubt it is essential for pharmaceutical company to survive in this competitive field. Around 75 percent of the drug being tested falls short of expectations and never launched in market resulting huge loss of money and time. Analysts believe that bioinformatics can reduce half the cost of creating new drugs and shave two to three years of its development. Vendors are jumping into the bandwagon of bioinformatics but there are very less standards.

ACS understands the need of IT in Bioinformatics and fully committed to serve the better. The main focus of ACS is to:

Piecing together all diverse technologies into fully integrated drug discovery process

Building in-house tools, licensing software and partnering with companies

Finding the breakthrough in Datawarehouing and mining for storing organizing, generating, retrieving, analyzing and sharing genomic, biological and chemical data.

Overcome challenges of building application programming interfaces (APIs) between different systems and databases.