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The financial services industries have grown tremendously in past two decades, spawning many challenges and rising through a competitive edge. Deregulation forced banks to be more competitive and enter into entire gamut of services including retail, investor and wholesale services.

In the fiercely competitive financial industry, innovation has become a key to growth. Without the IT, the financial industry would not exist. In the financial world, the global activities never stop, opportunities are fleeting and responses must be instantaneous. Financial institutions are continuously harnessing the new technologies to stand competitive in the global market.

ACS understands the need of high quality and innovation in the financial market to meet the economic, competitive and regulatory challenges. ACS financial service practice leverages our comprehensive knowledge of financial industry and technology innovation to provide quality technology services, delivered efficiently and effectively to meet the bottom line results.

At the same time, financial institutions must adhere to an increasing number of regulatory guidelines to guard against a marked increase in the number and nature of risks.