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Service Offering

ACS's customized service offerings address specific client needs across the Healthcare industry and technology spectrum:

ACS offers innovative business and Technology Consulting solutions for hospitals, health systems and other provider organizations, as well as insurance companies, managed care organizations and governmental payers. Our professionals offer expertise in a wide range of areas, including HIPAA compliance technology consulting and software development, datamining, claims auditing, and clinical, financial and operations consulting. ACS proved his success in healthcare industry because of our clear vision about what our client needs to increase business share, profits and productivity.

Application Management

Claims Auditing
e-business HIPPA Compliance

Data Warehousing

Migration from legacy system

Data Mining

Database Management

Application Management

ACS's Application Management Consulting helps global healthcare organizations turn challenge into benefit. We serve all key areas including development, enhancement, maintenance and support with balancing cost.



The results of data mining and improved database management enhanced performance throughout the healthcare network of our clients.



ACS understands how the Internet is affecting every aspect of the Healthcare Industry. ACS can help you realize the potential of reducing the administrative and staffing cost with advanced clinical outcomes and delivery with our e-Health initiative.