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With the responsibility for moving products all the way from mine to driveway or farm to refrigerator, SCM still has the potential to deliver very powerful results - reducing costs, boosting revenues, and increasing customer satisfaction and brand equity. Our Value lies in our organization's ability to reach across silos and functions to drive the supply chain from a holistic perspective, based on understanding of the underlying economics, supplier relationships and end-markets. ACS provide both a transactional backbone and targeted value-add capabilities that help break constraints, provide visibility into overall performance and enables management to make informed trade-offs based on concrete, timely and meaningful insight.
Our supply chain solutions are focused on helping clients address key issues like purchasing, inbound logistics, operations, warehouse management, outbound logistics, and demand management.

We recognize our customer's need for a strong supply chain management which would release entrapped value in the supply chain and facilitate collaboration between both the internal and external stakeholders of the company. We are committed with all our expertise, passion and technology to this customer need and have set up a dedicated supply chain management practice to facilitate our customer's success in business.

Our service offerings are:

Consulting and implementation services

Value assessment service


Specialized services

Post implementation services