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Verification and Validation Services

ACS's Validation and Verification (V&V) Services are more than just testing of products. It offers the security of developing a product, system, test system or method for fulfilling quality aspects and of detecting failures as early as possible in the development process. Using verification services developers can co-verify their hardware and software and assure higher performance and compliance to the standards.

Our value proposition in the sphere of Validation and Verification Services include:

Testing support at every step of development cycle

Rich experience (Telecom, Mobile experience)

Expertise in handling all types of telecom testing requirement

Expertise in testing all types of Server Operating Systems

Privileged access to the technology vendors.

Service Offerings

ACS's Validation and Verification services are predominantly focused on three broad areas:

V&V services for Mobile Domain

V&V services for Server Operating Systems

V&V services for VLSI ASIC Domain

Our expertise in verification includes:

Functional / Architectural Verification

Micro-Architecture (RTL) Verification

Formal Verification Methodologies

System Level Verification

HW-SW Co-verification

Manufacturing Test generation using DFT tools

Service Areas

Validation and verification of methods : We help you in creating process and procedure for validating and verifying new product .

Validation and verification of products or systems: We set up individual verification and validation plans adjusted to the necessities of the product or system to be developed.

Validation and verification of test systems: We also verify and validate complete test systems including the developed hardware and software.

Functional Testing
Regression Testing
Performance Testing
Compatibility Testing
Security Testing
Automated Testing

Component Testing
Integration Testing
End-to End

System Testing

User Acceptance Testing(UAT)