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Document Coding

Extracting the data manually from the documents and extract the information based on specific criteria supplied by the client and creating the database, all this made simple and sophisticated with ACS.

ACS uses the innovative and state of art technologies to deliver most accurate, secure and cost-efficient document coding services in the industry. We are constantly empowering ourselves with new methods and effective procedure to efficiently extract quick information. We offer both domestic and overseas coding at competitive price and deemed quality. Our QA/QC processes guarantee accuracy and timely delivery. The process for document coding includes:


Our document coding can be divided into three categories:


All type of documents including financial, insurance


Claims Processing

Company Financial data

Auditing data

Legal Document Coding

Our trained legal operators understand the legal terminology and documentation and are able to review the document and understand the specification required.

Objective coding

Subjective coding

Full text capture/Data transmission

Medical Document Coding

Our operators are highly skilled having exceptionally high level of understanding of medical terminology and documentation.

We also process clinical documents.