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Business Solution

The biggest challenge what banking Industry is facing today is all about managing relationships with retail customers and ramping up technology investment to offer customers more and better products and services, and doing it cheaper then before. In response to rising attrition and defection rates, financial services companies have made CRM a priority over the past few years. The technology challenges are just as great, whether it is integrating back office systems, either with existing or new ones, addressing CRM, branch renewal or extending the value change to handle new approaches.

ACS understands the banking requirement and we are committed to address the unique needs of banks. ACS brings you the competitive advantage with the following objective:

To satisfy new regulatory environment (privacy, accounting and so on)

To improve business process

To improve customer quality through IT

From full outsourcing services including application management and business process services, consulting and systems integration services , to specialized banking solutions. We can help you to build stronger, ever-lasting relationships with your customers by leverage business intelligence and data warehousing, Enterprise application and CRM. The core components to your needs through ACS are:

Relationship Management : ACS fulfills the IT needs to build an enhanced customer relationship by addressing CRM issues. You can predict and shape demand to drive standardization, which will in turn lead to cost containment and increased customer satisfaction
Portfolio / Marketing Management : ACS provides the right mix of IT products and services to meet customer needs. We also provides infrastructure services (desktop, compute, telecom, help desk) and also offers high-value added services such as BPO, sourcing, IT architecture to increase the business values.
Solution Management : We looks ahead to ways that IT can support innovation at the corporate level and contribute to business growth.