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Telecom - Abacus Billing Solution

ABS® is a robust backend Billing solution being used for a host of IP based services across the world. Small and medium ITSPs are using it with solutions like calling card solutions, call back solutions etc. and with services like the VoIP Billing services for service providers and for the switch less resellers.

ABS® is a billing solution for VoIP based services. Anybody using an IP based voice service with a need to bill the service to its customers would find it of immense use.


Pre-Paid Module

Calling Card Generation /printing.

Card Activation/Deactivation real-time.

Real Time Updation of Balance

Card Recharge

Real Time Disconnection of Call in case of Zero Balance

DNIS based Rating

ANI Recognition & Change ANI by Customer

Card Status Report - Agent wise details of all the cards

Call Detail Report for customer viewing

Post-Paid Module

Add/Edit New/Existing Customer

Customer Signup

Account Creation and Activation

Real Time and/or Offline, Call Charge Calculation

Invoice/Call Detail Printing, Emailing and Exporting (Export to Desired Format like PDF, Doc, XLS etc)

Account Activity Report

Outstanding Balance Report

Discount and Tax Management

Record Payment


Management Reports for Decision Making

Value Plus Module

Set Security and Access Rights

Help Desk for tracking complete history of an account

Web Interface For Pre-Paid Customers

Recharge Card

Change PIN

Manage ANI (Caller ID)

Call Summary Report


Change Language

Outgoing Partner Module

Add New Outgoing Partners and Modify existing ones

Partners with Single or Multiple Gateway Management

Rate Management for Partners

Record invoice for Outgoing Partners

Make Payment Entry

Incoming Partner Module

Add new incoming partners and modify existing ones

Partners with Single or Multiple gateway Management

Rate Management for Partners

Generate Invoice for Incoming Partner

Make Payment Entry