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Quality & Process Engineering

To ensure the highest possible quality of software development and maintenance, we have devised a Quality Management Process that emphasizes problem prevention rather than problem correction. This Quality Management Process integrates our quality approach throughout the software development life cycle, thereby ensuring that quality is built in as development progresses.

Our Process management consists of applying techniques and tools to improve process effectiveness, hold the gains, and ensure process integrity in fulfilling customer requirements:

Process definition - Create flowcharts, process maps, or SIPOC (suppliers, inputs, process steps, outputs, customers) diagrams to represent the process as it exists

Process measurement - Establish metrics and measurement systems for quantifying process steps. Consider cycle times, costs, materials and resources used, defects produced, and variation. Calculate process capability to understand process performance.

Process improvement - Reduce variation by systematizing and streamlining the process.

Process control - Establish a control plan to sustain improvements. Continue to track process metrics and use control charts to keep performance within requirements.