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Clients Testimonial

Below are some quotes from clients about their experience working with ACS Solutions.

"Not only I found ACS consultants provides consistent high quality work but also facilitates excellent relationships/rapports with our business partners throughout their work deliverables..."


"ACS has managed conflicting project requests and constraints with ease. Their knowledge has been very helpful. ACS has been an asset with a complex system to automate. We wish to build strong relationship with ACS.. "

.. .Citizens Bank

"ACS has been a steady producer of deliverables and can be counted on to produce the desired results. ACS is able to execute the project in very short span of time with the deemed quality. We wish to build more relationship with clients like ACS"

...Ameriquest Mortgage Company

"ACS is outgoing and affable, Attitude is always positive. Always beat deadline and took additional assignments. Always willing and able to do whatever we ask, including work efforts.."

....US Cellular

"We definitely want to extend our project with ACS, because it is one of the two pillars on this project and ACS is such a key to its success. ACS is always offering additional options and shows a lot of confidence. They always exceed the expectations and that's why it makes them really a "total package"..."


"ACS has exceptionally though knowledge of required and related technologies. Extremely efficient and performs all tasks very well with fair amount of multitasking delivering most times within deadlines...."


Jeannette proudly talks about one of our consultant..

"Very fast learner and more than able to complete unplanned work with very little supervision or training. Worked extremely well with team members, including lead and supervisor...."

...Jeannette Silva
Supervisor, US Cellular

"ACS has exceptional work handling capacity with excellent ability to multitask and manage even strict and short deadlines...Stellar Performance always.."

.... Sabre Airline Solutions

"Would always get a good recommendation. Very good job..."

...Mc. Graw Hill companies

"Their Ensemble knowledge had made them extremely competent with e-care and wireless manger. Once I give a project/task, I can count on them to deliver. They have been a great asset to my company and have added tons of value....."

..Self-Cade, Nextel Partners

"ACS posses' excellent management skills and their quality of work in performing quality analysis and testing of various applications are really outstanding. ACS is willing and present every time as required..."

....Structured Finance